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Mar. 5th, 2002 08:18 pm
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Name: Dassa
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Name: Erhard Muller, aka CR-S01
Fandom: Trauma Center/Team
Gender: Male
Age: 24-28 (truth be told, he doesn't remember :/)
Time Period: Post-game
Wing Color: Black
History: CR-S01, Game
Personality: (Please consider here things such as habits, likes and dislikes, thought patterns, experiences and so on. This section should be fairly detailed!)

CR-S01 is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a white lab coat.

At the beginning of Trauma Team, his personality can be best described as unsure and broody. He rarely spoke unless spoken to, and when he did, it was perpetuated with ellipses and unnatural stops in the sentences. The idea that anyone would want to speak to him, especially regarding surgery and him preforming it, was a foreign idea. After all, he was in prison for committing a mass act of Bioterroism at Cumberland College, why would someone put him in a position where he could do similar again. Truth be told, however, he had no memories of committing the crime. At this point, he believes he might have, however, and the idea tortures him. After all, doctors are sworn to Do No Harm. When Agent Holden gives him the oppertunity to save lives again, he is a bit confused by this, but cooperates with the FBI and the hospital.

Between this time and the endgame, a transformation happens. Over his time with the doctors, more of him fleshes out. He clearly is socially awkward, not understanding sarcasm or jokes initially, but he is also concerned with people and trying to understand them, despite his stoicness. He eventually comes out of his shell as he starts to trust the other doctors, but after Maria Torres corners him about his involvement in the Cumberland College Incident, he shut down for a time. It took several doctors, and eventually Ian Holden himself, to get him out of the mode he had fallen into, but after the stern talking to by Holden, he broke, crying a bit, releasing all the guilt he felt over the incident he believed he had caused. Not long after, he showed up in the OR, filled instead with a new sense of purpose, and a new resolve to save patients.

However his personality before he fell into despair, he becomes a leader in the OR, and it's this side of him that is more truthful than the other, more of his real side before his memories were erased. He is determined, even more serious, able to think clearly despite many things distracting him, and will do anything to save the life of the patient, including giving up his own freedom (twice).

In short, he is stoic, quiet, and thoughtful, but underneath it all lies a passion for his patients. Now if only he could transfer that passion to other areas of his life...

  • A Medical prodigy (Instinctively knows how to handle situations, taught by Sartre as his lab assistant)
    • On this note, he does not have Superhuman abilities in the same way as Derek or Naomi, but he is really bloody good. Fast, accurate, everything you want in a doctor.
  • Lots of lean muscle (He carries a injured man to the OR easily when the man has collapsed from Rosalia)
  • Lots of random trivia in his head from reading so much (Knows random facts about butterflies and other random trivia).
  • Obviously smart (The guy can operate like nothing, and his medical knowledge is great).
  • Keeps his cool in the face of danger/stress (Except for getting into super!determined mode and using a few strong words.)
  • Socially awkward, doesn't understand sarcasm (Very evident)
  • What is a sense of humour? (He's tried making jokes in canon. No one got them.)
  • Emotionally distant/stoic as hell (He feels emotion, but it tends to be vague inklings. He does, however, have strong reactions when it comes to patients, and in the past had a strong sense of guilt from the Cumberland College incident, so much so that at one point he broke down into tears about it when he was at his worst point of despair)
  • Prone to moodiness (examples above)
    • A particularly sad example is if you lose an operation, you hear a recording of him saying something to the point of 'it was all for nothing' and wishing to be left alone. It almost has a suicidal sound to it, even.

Samples (ALL samples must be set in Luceti-verse.)

First Person: Q&A please!

Third Person: (Samples must be 300 words or above. Remember to write using proper grammar, verb tenses, and paragraphs.)


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