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  • He was mute for some of his early years in life. As a child, he was afraid that if he spoke, his parents would use that as a drive to neglect and abuse him more. However, this didn’t turn out so well. As a result, he became rather introverted and antisocial.
  • He does not feel anything for his biological parents; he does not like them, nor does he despise them. He doesn’t even feel pity. No matter how much he tries, he just feels…nothing.
  • Because of this, he is not bothered when talking about them. However, little to no people know about his relationship with his biological parents and their passing.
  • He does not bring up the topic about his parents himself as he finds it pointless to. He just simply waits for someone to ask.

  • There has never been a time where CR was happy to the point he was laughing. If there was, he doesn’t remember.
  • His default expression is usually the look of stoic and neutral indifference, not even his eyes say anything different, nor does his tone of voice. They’re just…unreadable. So many things scrunched up together it becomes indecipherable.
  • When finally warming up from his cold attitude in his visits to Resurgam, he tends to be socially awkward when speaking on a nonprofessional level.
  • In certain situations, he has a front where he appears to be rather arrogant, as if he knows that he’s good at what he does, and is slightly cold-hearted. However, when it’s broken down he actually has quite the inferiority complex.
  • He has self-esteem problems. He actually is aware that he’s talented and important, as he is often complimented for that. However, that does not mean he can feel good about himself either way.
  • He does not understand sarcasm well. After so much time with Cunningham and Maria, though, he can use it...somewhat.
  • His sexuality is unknown, but because of him being a prodigy and probably studying relentlessly under Sartre, it's not out of the realm of possibility he's never been in a relationship.

  • He’s more than willing to save a life, and will go great lengths to see that his patients make it through.
  • He believes he has nothing to lose, and doesn’t mind sacrificing something he has the privilege of to save someone.
  • He is still in prison, preforming operations to reduce his sentence. The FBI still keeps a close eye at him, though it’s not as close as it used to be, now that he’s regained his memories.
  • He travels every once in a while, staying at wherever the government sends him.
  • He does not exactly remember everything. He can remember the more prominent events of his life, but cannot remember most of the little things in life, no matter how much he cherished them at the time.

  • He has a slight natural immunity to the Rosalia virus. Slight being the key word here. It doesn’t really protect everything the virus affects.
  • Because of this, exposure to the virus for long periods of time tends to give him headaches.
  • His red eyes are not natural. They used to be brown, before the pigment of the irises was destroyed when the Rosalia virus entered his system. They became red from the color of blood took over as the eye color. He does not remember this, though, and shrugs it off as natural.
  • His eyes are sensitive to light because of what was mentioned above.

  • He loves his adoptive family very much, even more so than his biological parents.
  • He is no longer upset over what happened in the past, and is not bothered to talk about it. However, it does bother him when people make a big deal about it.
  • He doesn’t mind speaking about Rosalia or Satre, and there are times where he actually wants to talk about the time he’s spent with them.
  • When still under the care of Satre, whenever he wasn’t studying or reading, he often played with Rosalia in the field. As a result, he’s developed a liking towards flowers and butterflies. He also read up on them in prison.

  • He despises anything that clouds up the truth intentionally. Anything from lies, to staged murders.
  • He tries to lie as little as possible, and he will try to explain the truth in his own way.
  • He doesn't listen to music really, except for classical. The rest he finds distracting.


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