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Player Name: Cass/Dassa
Dreamwidth Username: lil_rebbitzen
E-mail: lil_rebbitzen@yahoo.com
AIM/MSN: lilrebbitzen
Timezone: Eastern
Current Characters in Route: Nephenee

Character Name: Prisoner number CRS-01, Real name: Erhard Muller
Series: Trauma Center/Team
Timeline: After the endgame
Canon Resource Links: Here we would have the links to wikis and other information sites. If none of those seem to provide enough information, feel free to add more about the character here. However, please do not use this section as a full history section unless your canon is ridiculously obscure. General rule of thumb: if there are a good amount of descriptive resources, please just link them and use this section to add in what may have been left out, as opposed to writing an entire history section.

Personality: Give us at minimum 2-3 full paragraphs of how you understand your character's personality. Talk about basic characteristics, any major developments over the course of their canon, their motives, their social behavior, and anything else you can think of that shows off your knowledge of this character.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Try to cover the good points of what they can do, their life skills (not necessarily powers, but things they're just good at). Go into their biggest fears and what they just can’t do.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Happiny
Password: Taco Bell

First Person Sample:
The sample must take place in Route_29's setting. Eight sentences is the minimum. This is a PokéConnect post--one that will be on the character's journal, broadcast to the network. Although it is short, it needs to show how your character would communicate with others, as well as be descriptive enough to express the character's voice without sounding too generic.
Third Person Sample: The sample must take place in Route_29's setting. The minimum is 300 words. Please note that what we are looking for is an inner working into the character’s thoughts and actions, and how the character responds to the setting, not something that could be taken as an excerpt fanfic. You may use other characters to bounce your characters actions off of, but everything should still be mostly from their point of view.


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